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20 Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2014

With the growing prominence of Image editing a number of software’s have gained popularity, one of which is Photoshop. It is a complex image and graphic editing program which was previously used by designers as it involved layers, filters, windows, etc, but now even the kids are bringing unbelievable results through this. All this is possible if you are creative and have learn the technical skills very well. Read on to know how Photoshop have made this easy for you.

The learning curve of this little expensive software is a quite steep, so you need to carefully focus on the inns and outs of the software. The learning curve of this little expensive software is a quite steep, so you need to carefully focus on the inns and outs related to it. But, due to lack of time people ignore learning each and everything from the basics to the advancements. Although they love to edit pictures or create new graphics products and continuously search for something which can be really helpful. Here you are I am talking about Photoshop tutorials which serve the same purpose.

Photoshop tutorials include all the photo editing tools and the few techniques that can help in doing wonders. These resources explain everything step by step that can be easily applied. screenshots to the Photoshop windows are also available in Photoshop tutorials, so that the learner can easily trace that he is on the right track or not. A number of these tutorials are available on different websites. Blogs are also used to post Photoshop tutorials explain about different tools by different servers. Just scroll down to see some of the amazing Photoshop tutorials of 2014.

1. How to Draw a Cute Pirate Character in Photoshop

2. Beginners Photo Manipulation Lesson Creating the Piece Remnants of Glory

3. Create a 3D Poster with Cinema 4D and Photoshop

4. Create a 3D Fruit Textured Text Effect

5. Mix Digital Craft for Portrait Artworks

6. Making Of Doctrich – Post Apocalyptic Scientist Mechanic

7. Design Unique Grass Wood Text Effect in Photoshop

8. Create a Giraffe Leather and fur Typography in Photoshop

9. Create 3D Type Using Photoshop CS6

10. Give your Art that Cosmic Look

11. Create Photo Manipulation Alice Wonderland

12. Create a Fantasy Underwater Scene with Photoshop

13. Lady of the files

14. Create Photo Manipulation alice Wonderland Theme Photoshop

15. Fantasy light Effects in Photoshop

16. Lost Princess in the Magic Forest

17. Giraffe Neck Knot

18. Create Geometric low poly art easy way

19. Firefighter Painting

20. Create Intense Blade Runner Inspired Composition Shattered Glass Bullets