20 Useful JavaScript Resources for Web Developers & Designers

JavaScript is one most sought-after programming language. It is usually implemented and widely used in web browsers. Basically, it is used to put together client-based scripts for interacting with server. Users are widely using this language on the server side for mobile application development, game development, and some of the wide applications on server. This programming language is widely based on prototype with class libraries and first class function. Initially, JavaScript was launched by Netscape Corporation and it was later bought by Java Corporation. It has now become most resourceful and significant web development platform.

In order to get implement, a lot of authoring resources and tools are offered. It comes with great varieties of tools which are available for free. However, some are paid. Their specific features are carried respectively. But in the programming, things are required to be its point and a lot of facilities are made possible. So, it is important to choose the tools and resources which have only required and desired features. For developers and designers, a huge range of JavaScript resources have been designed that can easily be downloaded and installed, such as libraries, platforms, applications, online tools and a lot more.


Together.JS is open source, free of cost JavaScript library introduced by Mozilla which comes with great collaboration tools and features for your website.


It comes with the code that is helpful to make syntax highlight.


It is a series of directives with which Chart.JS library is wrapped for angular use.


Another rich content editing tool is Sir Trevor which can be re-imagined completely for the web. For web content, it is an intuitive editor with which nothing can be presupposed like how will it be rendered.


You can use animated badges and make your own Favicon with Favico.JS. It can be customized with the type of position, animation, text color and background color.


Your data can easily be presented with Chart.JS with effective and creative layouts of chart design.


It is known to create a transparent perimeter covering the desired element and keeps an eye on mouse breaches.


It can instantly prototype and create a complete interactive mockup with HTML without having to copy server-side code/loops and markup.


With HTML.JS, you can work with DOM directly.


It can progressively improve the inputs of credit card to deliver an interactive Skeumorphic interface.


It is a well-known framework in order to create intuitive web apps.


With Instano.JS, you can easily and instantly identify when JavaScript is disabled after loading the page.


It is a JavaScript library with which guides and rules of Photoshop can interface on website.


It is an open source and modern JavaScript library for responsive and interactive maps.


With this tool, you can make HTML presentations with ease.


It is a JavaScript library which delivers several stable, simultaneous and resumable uploads through API and HTML5 file.





These are authoring JavaScript resources and tools and they all are free. The best part is that they are very user-friendly and intuitive and can easily make your website more attractive.