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9 Highly Rated Video Chat Apps for Smart Phone Users

Gone are the days when people loved to remain connected through phone conferencing! Now the modern trend is video chatting, which can be found in almost every smart phone. People of almost all age have smart phones today and they are using all the apps very well too. Even big business projects and opportunities are discussed by number of companies through video chatting. For some online platforms it becomes easier to find out that the person is genuine too. Read on to know in detail which app can really help you and to how much extent.

All Face book users will love to check out this app, which is easy available and also quick to download on different platforms. Users can take advantage of this app by logging into their fb account. Video chatting in a group of 12 people is free through this app and even calling rate on mobiles is also reduced to certain extent. With profile pictures and statuses users can personalize their ooVoo. The app is free for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows users.

Skype is one of the oldest and most easy to use tools for making free or cheap phone calls. This quintessential video and voice chatting app connects more than 299 million users across the world. It can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

Tango is another easy to use, popular third-party video chat app for all the smart phone users. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows desktops users can find this app very useful. They just need to enter their phone number, email and first name to create an account. Verified Tango account is needed for using for this app. The best thing about this tool is that Tango users can enjoy free and unlimited video chats, but the bad things is that no cross-platform chatting is allowed.

Fring (Free) is still fascinating some people. What you can enjoy with this app is group video chatting, no need to make any account, it allows free texting and it can be used on different platforms. Cheap calling rate, free texting and picture messaging are the other features you will love.

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts is one of the well-integrated apps for people who want to talk and see their friends online. They can easily find any person through this tool. Instant messaging, voice and video chat, front and rear-facing cameras, free video calls to other users are some of the differentiating features that make people crazy for this.

Camfrog is for those, who are interested in video chatting, but can’t find anyone for it. Here they chat with strangers, instead of family members or friends. Windows Mobile users, as well as PC, iOS, Android, and Mac users can use it without paying any penny. Public Camfrog chat room is a place where you find so many people who are waiting to chat with you.

Peer video chat is strictly for business use. For face to face communication between professionals the app syncs with Linked. This tool provides the users an advantage of sending pre-recorded video messages as invites, or text. Right now available in iTunes, but it is very easy to use.

Qik is a multi-platform video chat app, known to a very few people. Android, iOS, and BlackBerry users can take free advantage of this tool. You can call it a life casting app, instead of a video chat app. You can record and share you moments through this app. Video chat functionality is available for sending video messages to offline users.

Viber is a wonderful app for desktop and mobile users. It allows free video calling, texting, and messaging with all the app users on the same platform. It is available for Windows, Blackberry, Nokia, Mac computers, iOS, Android and Bada mobile devices. If you are searching for an exciting app for mobile video then this can be the best option.