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Get Your WP Installation Secure with These Security Plugins

As we all know, internet has its downside. It is full of spammers and evil hackers who are passionate in accessing anyone’s website or blog and use their private data for their own dirty techniques. WordPress is quite a secure installation. But you can install some security plugins to add more security to your WordPress site. You can also report the weaknesses and security flaws you find on a plugin or WordPress to the team.

Before starting with plugins, our suggestion to you is that you should hire a web developer who has thorough knowledge and experience with WordPress to ensure correct setup and secure installation if you are new to WordPress. Now here is the list of top security plugins for WordPress.

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins You Must Use

WP Security Scan

This is an excellent security plugin that can conduct security scan of whole WP installation and shows the unsecured areas which can be improved later. When the entire WordPress is scanned, it will show the possible vulnerabilities in security, like database security, password, admin security, and file permissions which you should address. Other important advantage is that this plugin hides the WordPress installation version. It means hackers will not be able to know the current version you are using and makes your site a lot harder to hack.

Secure WordPress

With this plugin, you can secure your WP by deleting all the erroneous items if the process of installation is left that may help hackers get access. From login page, any error messages can also be removed. Blank index.html can also be added to the directory. It means anyone trying to access your contents will see only a blank page.

Invisible Defender

This is another wicked plugin which secures your login information, registration and comment forms from evil spam-bots by including two more hidden fields concealed by CSS. This way, it gives 100% spam protection. It can also show stats in Dashboard about the number of spam bots blacklisted and blocked. If any spammer tries to forcefully access your registration, comment or login forms for several times, it automatically blacklists them.

WordPress Database Backup

A lot of excellent quality plugins are there. But this is one of the best plugins as it creates backup of core WP tables on same database. It is strongly recommended to backup continuously before updating any plugins or WordPress. Do it manually as it may take your server down by creating a lot of duplicate backups if you choose it to do automatically.

Stealth Login

It is one of the best picks for WordPress security. With this plugin, you can create custom URL to login, log out, and register for WordPress blog and administration. Rather than promoting login URL on the homepage, a URL can be created which can be easily remembered.

WP Captcha-Free

It blocks automatic spam comments without CAPTCHA resorting. It validates a hash according to time with AJAX and other parameters once the form is getting posted. You will not find a hash on the comments posted automatically.