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Top 9 WP Content Marketing Plugin

These days, WordPress websites are witnessing great demand as they can easily be made and they are very user friendly. You can use thousands of plugins to improve your WordPress website. Nowadays, a lot of webmasters are searching efficient marketing strategies to optimize their sites. The content marketing plugin of WordPress is an efficient and simple way to automate your WordPress blog that lets you put your whole energy on advertising, marketing and monetizing the content of your blog.

The WordPress content marketing plug-in can support you promote, manage and track different strategies of content marketing. In this guide, we are about to share a great WordPress plugin for content marketing which can be used on your WordPress website or blog. With such plugins, one can enhance the effectiveness and functionality of any website and it also helps improve conversation. With these plugins of content marketing, you can also optimize your content marketing, social marketing, and email marketing.


Optimizely is WordPress content marketing plugin and a tool for website split testing. All you have to register an account and enter a code on the configuration page of plugin and you are all set. With this plugin, you can find out whether a distinct call to action about to make more sales or a distinct headline will improve traffic on your blog. With an aim to get more reader engagement and maximum traffic on the website, it is important to have more effective content. One should do a great number of shares and it must be engaging. You should choose Optimizely plugin. It gives a great user interface and it is simple and powerful tool and you must have a pre-defined place on the toolbox.

Editorial Calendar

We understand that a well-planned content marketing strategy is very important and will need a specific content idea. This way the content must be ready for future. Installing a content calendar is pretty complex work to do, especially when a large array of team members is there in order to work from the similar set of content plans. You can have an eye on what is happening. With this tool, you can stay organized and it is best in case of having large amount of content to create. You should have a team calendar also on your blog.


It is a plugin developed and introduced by Copy blogger. It is specifically designed for the creators of online content and it is the best one. The Scribe plugin is the best one which will enable you conduct thorough research and help you recognize the opportunities for content marketing with which it can work in search industry. This plugin is helpful to analyze all the content and ensure that writing style is properly associated with the website. The plugin is also helpful to improve SEO of content with proper Meta descriptions and title tags on the content.

Inbound Writer

It is one most effective and powerful plugin with which you can create quality content. This plugin creates relevant and Google friendly content. This tool is very helpful to optimize the content of any website or blog. This tool is very helpful if you want to get such works done with ease. It is so easy to use that it won’t let you do anything else. All you have to provide a little detail on what you are writing about and this plugin with perform proper research on a particular topic and revert back to you with phrases and suggestions to add. You can create more relevant and engaging content with it that will be more shareable and stronger.


It is a new most popular WordPress plugin for content marketing. With it, you can publish and optimize your content. It also helps improve content sharing levels over a huge range of social media sites. Flare is designed to build a society of fans for your content and your brand as well. It gives sharing buttons on the blog and helps you share your content on social networking sites. It gives a counter to the readers and one can see the number of shares on the particular content.


As the name suggests, Contextly is an excellent content marketing plugin to suggest related content to the readers after finishing one post. It also recommends users to read other stuff created by you. Contextly will also help you engage the audience on your site with other content written on your blog. It makes things simple when it comes to add links on the copy to last posts made by you. Old posts can be connected to new ones with it. This way, most viral content and related one will be given to the readers and videos, products, events, and even more can be recommended to the readers.

Comments Evolved

Also called as Google+ Comments, Comments Evolved plugin is very helpful to make comment section with different tabs. It comes with different sections for Facebook, G+, Disqus, and Trackbacks comments, along with WordPress comments. There are a lot of users who avoid making comments on blogs as they have to register to post comments. But if they have option to comment with their own profile, they can easily do so. More content will have updated on your page by merging all those comments and you will have more social engagement on the blog.

For a website, speed matters. If your website is loading slowly, your users will no longer like to stay at your website. Speed matters when it comes to motivate your target people read content on your blog or website. Readers are known to have short spans for attention. If too much time is taken by your site to load, then the users will just go away and never come back to your site again. On your blog, using images sounds cool but they are known to slow down the loading time of your web page. Here, Smash.It is a best choice because it compresses the size of your images and makes their file size shorter. Overall quality of image will remain intact. Having smaller image size means having low loading time of your webpage and your page can load faster.


It is a WordPress plugin for content marketing and it is helpful to you find the content all day which will inspire creating new blogs and posts regularly. With this plug-in, you can catch the content with ease on the web and curate the content with tools on your website. A Notebooks section also has been allowed to save the articles you desire. This way, you can use them in future and keep your ideas and return to these ideas whenever you need it. This plugin will suggest you the contents with thumbs down or thumbs up system and help you refine your content. The content of your interest can have thumbs up and the content you are not interested in can have thumbs down.

From the planning stage, good and favorable content marketing begins. It covers all these things –

  1. The types of blog or article you are about to use
  2. The person who is about to create blog post.
  3. The time when it comes to publish your blog post.

The content planning and scheduling can get simpler with plugins. This way, you can plan the production of your content. A lot of plugins are available for WordPress content marketing helpful for content marketing campaign. With the above given plugins, you can definitely attract more readers and audience base on your blogs. This way, the effectiveness and quality of blogs can also be improved. These plugins are helpful to make a blog or content unique and appealing.